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We believe Japan is one of the friendliest countries in the world. You can enjoy the company of the best of people when you are in Japan. Even though Japan is one of the best countries that you must consider visiting, you must be aware of the city before you visit. Many travelers look for travel tips and tricks to make their journey easier. Like for every other country in the world, even Japan has its own culture. So, we have a list of travel tips that might be useful for you when you are traveling in Japan.

First focus on the paperwork

Well, paperwork isn't for Japan only, but for any country that you travel. You must double check the paperwork before you book travel reservations. As per the laws of Japan, you must have the passport that validates your stay in Japan. This means you must have the passport for the entire stay. Some foreigners need visas to visit Japan, so you must check whether you need one and if yes, do the needful. You must not confuse landing permission with visas because they are two different things. It is important to know that foreign nationals require having an ID along with the residence cards if they are in Japan, and they should have bot the cards with them all the time. Likewise, you have to think of the rules and regulations of traveling if you don't want to get into any trouble.

Learn Japanese phrases

Again, this applies to many countries that don't have a high recognition of English. When it comes to Japan, you have already heard that they don't speak English a lot like other countries. Well, it is not that they can't speak English, but they don't speak often. Most people in Japan speak English, but it will differ on their level of confidence to speak. This is more about you than the Japanese, so it is better to learn a few phrases to converse in Japan. It wouldn't hurt to learn a few phrases in a different language, right? You can try learning thing like ordering food from a restaurant, greeting, asking directions, requesting help, asking prices, and so on. Like we already said, Japanese are humble so that they might appreciate your effort.

Don't travel without lotion

If you normally use lotion, you must carry one with you. Why? Don't the hotels provide lotion like in other countries? You will get all the other amenities, including cotton swabs, toothbrushes, razors, pajamas, and everything else that you need. But you will not get lotion from them which mean you have to buy from home. This is why it is better to find details of the place that you are planning to travel.

Pack a rag and a sanitizer

When you travel, you can't expect the best things or accommodations, so what you can do is to get ready for the worst. You might have booked the best hotel, and that's great. The hotel that you have booked might provide excellent services and accommodations, but what about the public restroom? The public restrooms in this country are not up to the mark. You will not get toilet papers or sanitizers when you are in Japan public restroom. This is why you often notice most Japanese with a handkerchief all the time. To save yourself from embarrassment, try to pack a rag and a sanitizer when leaving for Japan.

Have cash with you all the time

Japan has the largest economy that is based on cash. If you rewind a few years back, the debit card or credit card was not established. But now, even the department stores accept cards. Even though things have changed a lot still there are instances where you face difficulties. However, it is better to have both cash and card when you are traveling in Japan so that you can be on the safe side.

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